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Annotate proteins using DIAMOND, HMMER via CAZy, dbCAN, dbCAN-sub respectively

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Note: We encourage users to leave your email address if submitting an entire genome or proteome; the result page will be emailed to you when the job is done.
8/2/2023: dbCAN HMMdb v12.0 is released; see readme.txt for details. The DIAMOND db is also updated (7/26/2023).
02/11/2023: You can now predict substrates for CAZymes and CGCs! Please do not use ":" in your FASTA sequence names. This will cause problem in substrate prediciton.
5/25/2022: If your gff file is from NCBI, please check the last column, replace 'Name' tag with 'ID', and 'ID' with 'Name' (only affects CGC predictions).

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HMMER: dbCAN (E-Value < 1e-15, coverage > 0.35)  DIAMOND: CAZy (E-Value < 1e-102)  HMMER: dbCAN-sub (E-Value < 1e-15, coverage > 0.35)  CGCFinder (Distance <= 2, signature genes = CAZyme+TC)?